Along with the law on the state language, a law on the development and support of other languages of national communities is required!

This was stated by the People’s Deputy of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Yuri Miroshnychenko, commenting on the bill on the state language in Ukraine.

“The very philosophy of the law is restrictive and does not stimulate the development of the Ukrainian language, instead restricting the use of other languages,” – said the politician.

According to the people’s deputy, there is a significant difference between the status and duties of civil servants and citizens, in the non-governmental sector. Indeed, in the non-state sector, in accordance with European standards, the use of languages ​​of national communities is encouraged, so that the culture and history of those communities living in the country are not lost, and are being assimilated or discriminated.

The parliamentarian stressed: “It would be very useful if the parliament passed a law on the development and support of the Ukrainian language and, at the same time, the law on the development and support of the languages ​​of the national communities.”

“Our position is to support the Ukrainian language, to stimulate its development, but we should not restrict people from using their native languages ​​in education, mass media, private life and business,” Yuriy Miroshnychenko summed up.