The Central Election Commission member Yurii Miroshnychenko took part in BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections) workshop on “Voter’s education and civic edeucation”. Which took place at the CEC premises on February 19-21, 2020.

The modular workshop was supported by IFES Ukraine in cooperation with the joint IFES-Central Election Commission (CEC) Administrative Center for the Training of Elections Process Participants.

Yurii Miroshnychenko highlighted that such workshop is important for understanding voters’ information needs. It also helps to increase conscious choice, forms a team of state and non-state sides that can conduct educational activities.

The purpose of the training is to provide participants with knowledge about the basic principles of creating effective programs of civic education and voter education. These are the basis for information campaigns for voters, civic education programs on electoral issues, as well as all the necessary steps to set goals, carry out development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of civic education and voter education programs.

“The CEC is interested in cooperation and makes great efforts to bring together all stakeholders in this work. The CEC is ready to coordinate this work.” – summed up the Central Election Commission member Yurii Miroshnychenko.

The Secretariat of the Commission, international and civic organizations members took part in the mentioned workshop.

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