Competitive market will help to reduce the price of gas

Confidently declared Ukrainian’s parliamentarian Yurii Miroshnychenko replying to a question about price incise of utilities, as required IMF.

“Of course, the IMF will not refuse to demand that Ukraine balance its revenues and expenses so that the cost of gas, including all taxes and transportation, is covered by its price. This policy is not new, but at the same time, it seems to government, our congress overall, they should proceed from other arithmetic, namely, how much citizens can really pay, “said Yuri Miroshnychenko.

The parliamentarian believes that the rise in price depends on several indicators, including the volume of money and commodity mass: “If we had a growing number of goods and services produced in Ukraine, then the amount of funds provided by the commodity mass, which were in economic circulation, would increase. Unfortunately, the situation is reversed. ”

“In my opinion, we should not“reinvent the wheel ”and blame the IMF. The IMF has a simple policy: balance income and expenses, how much you earned – spend so much. Create conditions for economic growth, decrease production costs and attract investments. The main thing is conditions for creating a competitive market, including the energy market. If we want the maximum quality of a service or product, including gas,  and the minimum price for it, then we must create a transparent and fair competition. If you want to do this, please eliminate the monopolist,  do not regulate the prices artificially, and then you can give a subsidy, “- concluded Yuri Miroshnichenko.