The Central Election Commission member Yurii Miroshnychenko emphasized at the meeting dedicated to the presentation of the voter education strategy, which took place on December 3, 2019. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Ukraine developed the Strategy. The project aims to educate and inform voters before the local elections 2020.

During the event were discussed topics considering public awareness raising, such as information videos development, enhancing of the social media role, countrywide public events, as well as involving universities in educating and voters informing.

“The CEC is ready to take over the efforts coordination of both state and public institutions in the formation and fulfilment of coordinated educational efforts to implement high standards of electoral democracy in Ukraine,” pointed out Yurii Miroshnychenko.

Ensuring the accessibility and inclusiveness of the electoral process, maximizing the exercise of the electoral rights of citizens, especially youth, persons with disabilities, national communities and another vulnerable groups, their ability to participate in the political and civic life of their country is the primary objective of the voters’ education strategy.

“The future of our democracy will depend on the results of our joint activities. And the full involvement of social networks, media and educational institutions will qualitatively improve awareness in the electoral processes at all levels”, summed up Yurіi Miroshnychenko.