It is necessary to systematically solve the situation with heating in Ukraine. People do not have to freeze and look for how to get warm in their own homes!

Commented deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnichenko live talk show “challenge” on the channel “112 Ukraine” lack of heat in the 70 000 inhabitants in Smela and as a result the death of man and his young daughter who were poisoned by smoke from the home-heating device.

Yuri Miroshnichenko stressed that the tragedy should be considered not as a single case, but as a consequence of the imperfection of the whole system that regulates heating in Ukraine and which requires urgent resolution:

“There is a constitutional right to life and health. It should be guaranteed not only text written in the Constitution and the actual conditions of life. Therefore, the tragedy in Smela should be considered in greater depth than just negligence and fire with a tragic end. For it is not just a tragedy of one family. This is a systemic problem that needs to be solved in a comprehensive way. “

The parliamentarian said: “Now the studios are members of different parties. We are not quarrel, do not disagree in their views on this issue. We are ready to work for real change, ready to help and change the situation. We value also is working with authorities in the region” .

“I am confident that the issue should be considered not only in the context of how we all sympathize with the families of the victims. But in their positions as MPs and people in local government, we must take real steps to prevent such situations in the future” , – concluded Yuri Miroshnichenko, stressing the need for legislative changes for the systematic resolution of this issue.