Support of Ukrainian language should not limit the rights of national communities!

This was stated by the people’s deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko in the morning air of the TV channel “NewsOne”: “I, of course, for the fact that the state language should be supported, protected and encouraged to study. But at the same time, do not limit the constitutional rights of speakers of other languages ​​of national communities in Ukraine. ”
The parliamentarian stressed that protection should not take place in the mode of confrontation, but consist on mutual development. Not sharing an approach in which to limit the Ukrainian language, it is mandatory to restrict other languages, Yuri Miroshnichenko noted: “While loving, supporting and speaking Ukrainian, I still believe that citizens of Ukraine who speak the languages ​​of national communities should be protected. Our neighbors are Hungarians, Romanians have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that Ukraine should be very careful in matters of language. ”
“In the issue of the draft law on the Ukrainian language, you need to reject emotions and political ambitions, connect specialists to the work and maintain a professional approach,” concluded Yuri Miroshnychenko.