The disruption of early parliamentary elections will spoil the reputation of the current Parliament and its leadership!

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko commented on a briefing by the Central Election Commission regarding early parliamentary elections on the news channel “NewsOne” on May 27.

The politician noted that due to the short time left before the parliamentary elections there is a risk of their breakdown, it is connected with the impossibility of conducting tender procedures: “The Verkhovna Rada should vote in favor of the relevant amendments to the law that determines tender purchases for the sake of fast printing of all election documents, including ballots “.

However, the parliamentarian is convinced that early parliamentary elections will take place, because all the political forces that intend to participate in them have already started their work and do not intend to stop it: “The failure of early parliamentary elections will ruin the reputation of the current Supreme Council and its leadership, so its implementation is unlikely “, – summed up Yuri Miroshnychenko.