The end of war, restoration of peace, and guarantees of civil liberties is what the Ukrainian citizens are expecting from the newly elected President!

This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnichenko, commenting on the results of the presidential race on April 21 on TV channel NewsOne.

The politician noted that the results of the presidential election showed great confidence of Ukrainians in the newly elected President: “73% of the population of Ukraine and especially 88% of the inhabitants of the eastern regions, voting in favor of Zelensky in the second round, hope, first of all, to end the war and restore peace in the country”.

The parliamentarian stressed that the President of Ukraine, on his authority, is the guarantor of the Constitution, rights and freedom of citizens, that is why Ukrainians will expect decisive action and realization of the promised future for the country from the newly elected President after the inauguration.

“The end of the war, restoration of peace, and guarantee of all political, economic and civil rights and freedoms are what the Ukrainian citizens expect from the newly elected President,” Yuri Miroshnychenko concluded.