The issues of countering mobing and bullying should be solved at the legislative level!

 During the round table “Legislative issues of mobbling and bullying in Ukraine”, the parliamentarian Yurii Miroshnichenko shared his negative experience in these matters:
“I myself graduated from boarding school and the issue of bullying for me is particularly sensitive. A person who does not have parental support and remains one on one with such challenges, pressure, persecution and bullying – it is particularly acute and is experiencing psychological problems, which are ultimately difficult to overcome. ”
“The bill, which is now registered, is just the beginning and this can not be stopped. The issue of countering mobing and bolting must be discussed and resolved. This phenomenon does not concern individual victims, but the whole society. And those who are discriminated against, and those who do it “, – said Yuri Miroshnichenko.
The People’s Deputy stressed that the world experience of countries that are struggling with this problem for a long time and do it successfully, including at the legislative level, is important for the solution of these issues:
“We need to analyze the experience of European countries and concentrate on prevention, not on punitive sanctions for damage already done. Everything needs to be done to prevent such problems. ”
Yuri Miroshnichenko is confident that legislative changes will prevent and control the very possibility of incidents, but it is also extremely necessary to inform the public through educational activities:
“We must understand that a person who is exposed not only to physical but also to psychological pressure at some point begins to accuse himself, his self-esteem decreases and this can lead to fatal events. The changes in society itself are also important. Everyone should start with himself, and think many times before speaking anything to another person, given the possible consequences “, – summed up Yuri Miroshnichenko.