The meeting of the platform “Autism Friendly Ukraine”

Tomorrow, on Thursday, December 20, at 14.00, the meeting of the platform Autism Friendly Ukraine will take place.
The topic of the meeting will be the issue of employment of people with autistic spectrum disorders.
Within the framework of a defined problem, an agenda is created on the subject:
1. Introductory remarks by Yuri Miroshnychenko.
2. The need for additional regulation of the issues of mastering the specialty and professional activities of individuals with the PAC and other peculiarities of development. Reports Kozub LV  10 minutes
3. Preparation of the assistant of the master of production training in the specialty special education for the realization of opportunities for training of persons from the RAS in vocational education institutions. Report Ostrovsky I.P.  15 min.
4. Motivational mechanisms for encouraging employers to employ persons with special needs. Sergienko I.M. reports  10 minutes
5. Special workshops  a model of social entrepreneurship for the training and employment of persons with PACs. Create an online platform for workshops like Buy and Help. Reports Ivashura N.S.  10 minutes
6. Adaptation of training, prof. training and jobs for people with PAC using icons  symbols of alternative communication. Report Usatenko G.  10 min.
7. Poll On the Way to Inclusion. Reports Vorontsova IO 10 min
8. The situation in Novo-Bilykh psycho neurological boarding for men. Reports Kushnirchuk O.V.  15 min.
The live broadcast of the meeting will be broadcast on the official page of the Autism friendly Ukraine platform at 14.00. During the broadcast, everyone will be able to put their questions to the platform participants online.