The reformation of medical system should meet the real needs of Ukrainian people!

This was stated by the parlamentarian Yurii Miroshnichenko. The parliamentarian noticed that despite repeated statements by the government that doctors will receive an increase in salaries, in the context of rising food prices, utilities and the standard of living, this is not tangible.

“It has supposed to increase the salary of medical workers by 20-30%, and district doctors — participants in medical reform, thanks to the new mechanism should receive 18-20 thousand GRN Unfortunately, the realities show quite different figures. “

The politician stressed that in Ukraine the problem of personnel in the medical sector is growing and there is a catastrophic shortage of skilled specialists and necessary equipment:

“Very acute shortage of doctors is felt in the countryside. There are no cases when there are only one doctor in 7-8 villages. But the rural population is deprived not only of doctors, but also of elementary conditions for the provision of medical care. It is possible to meet rural clinics, which are not simply connected to water and light, not to mention some modern equipment. “

“Yurii Boyko, as a presidential candidate, in his program provides for increased funding for health care and reforms that will meet the real needs of citizens. Including raising the minimum wage to physicians is not lower than 12 thousand GRN, depending on the load and qualifications of the specialist. I hope that these positive changes will happen soon “,- Yurii Miroshnichenko concluded.