Today, because of the introduction of a military state, there are no threats to people!

So, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko commented on the situation in Ukraine on the third day after the introduction of a martial law in a number of regions of Ukraine:”Undoubtedly, in itself the regime of a military state provides for a number of restrictions, including constitutional rights of a person and a citizen. I do not know how justified the restrictions imposed on citizens of the Russian Federation are, perhaps, justified. But as for the challenges associated with possible restrictions on the rights of Ukrainian citizens, of course, processes must be under the very close attention of the public and the media. “The parliamentarian stressed that the most, in this situation, is his concern with the information space and the possible restriction of freedom of speech.”It is necessary to control that there is no persecution of the media. Very concerned about issues related to the political rights of citizens, and, of course, I am concerned about their safety “, – said Yuri Miroshnychenko. People’s deputy stressed that at present there is no danger to society:”First of all, I would like to urge everyone not to panic. Because panic is the worst way out of any situation. At present, according to our data, there are no real threats to people and the economy. And I hope that it will not be. “”If we keep calm, if each of us will continue to perform his work in good faith, then the situation will be normal at the earliest possible time,” Yuri Miroshnychenko concluded.