We need to develop a friendly environment for people with mental disorders.

This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko during the speech at the second annual All-Ukrainian conference on the topic “Education of children with mental disorders. Rights and Problems “, which took place on March 25 at the Kyiv City State Administration.

Speaking about the problems of children with mental disorders, the politician invited all those who were not indifferent to cooperation, to participate in the meetings of the National Platform “Ukraine friendly to autism,” co-organizer of which: “This is a place where we combined the efforts of state and non-state institutions where projects are being developed and built. decisions and communication is organized. The result of each platform meeting is the exchange of outputs, comments and suggestions that are taken into account by the relevant specialists and specialized agencies. “

The parliamentarian called on the conference participants to disseminate information, involve people, help parents and the state, not to stand in opposition, or to try to compete, and on the contrary – to support each other: “This will change the situation in the country. We all are one team and we have one goal – helping people who raise children with mental disorders and need attention from the side of the state and the whole Ukrainian society. “

To sum up, Yuriy Miroshnychenko emphasized the importance of such events and expressed his gratitude to the event organizers: “I hope that such conferences will become regular in our country and will give new, powerful impulses for developing a friendly environment for people with mental disorders.”