Yurii Boyko is a candidate who can bring the country out of economic crisis and stop the war!

Parliamentarian Yurii Miroshnichenko on the TV channel 112 Ukraine expressed his opinion on what is important to pay attention too during the presidential election: Very often I’m asked about how to decide who to vote for in the elections? What should we focus on? The decisive one,  is what changes the candidate is going to implement in the country.

The parliamentarian stressed that often dirty PR became the main motive of election races, and it remains to rely only on the wisdom of citizens who will be able to recognize it. If there is no demand for dirty information and citizens will not perceive such information, then sooner we will overcome all these populist tendencies.

I am convinced that the most effective for each of the candidates is the presentation of their advantages and the coverage of real actions for change in the country, if he gets power, the parliamentarian said.In turn, I can name a candidate, whom I support  this is Yurii Boyko. He presents the results of his work, presents his team, looks for and finds what will unite people. This is a person who is not engaged in populism, does not try to use the trust of citizens, but really does his work  Yurii Miroshnychenko convinced.