сайт народного депутата України Юрія Мірошниченка

As the Chairman of the subcommittee on penitentiary system reform, the activities of the penal enforcement authorities and the probation of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legislative support of law enforcement activities, I can not recall the rights, freedoms and duties of a person and citizen in the context of the day every day is engaged in everything more and more indifferent people – penitentiary reform. Reform, which will protect the rights and freedoms of people who have embarked on a false path. When rehabilitation and resocialization replace the punitive approach in the activities of the penitentiary system.

Article 23 of the Constitution of Ukraine states that every person has the right to free development of his personality and has duties to the society in which the free and all-round development of his personality is ensured. Having come to the penitentiary institutions, we understand that the educational process still failed at the initial stage, and the task of the entire penitentiary service is the return to society of the Personality, an important and inalienable link of Ukrainian society. Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine!