For positive changes in the economy it is necessary to help domestic producers!

This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko, commenting on the current crisis of Ukrainian business and industry.

The parliamentarian noted that the main reasons for such a state of affairs are the unfavorable investment climate that holds back the inflow of investments from abroad: “Facts show that if in 2010-2013 the annual inflow of foreign direct investment amounted to $ 6 billion, then in 2016-2018 – $ 2.6 billion. In addition, the last three years their inflow is steadily decreasing. ”

“Unfortunately, the practice of recent years shows that the domestic producer is unprotected. One of the reasons for this is the quotation of Ukrainian goods for the European market. This has made Ukraine a supplier of raw materials for export. No high-tech products – practically not exported, “- said the politician.

Yuri Miroshnichenko said that the team of OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, headed by Yuriy Boyko, will implement programs to create jobs in Ukraine, where there will be decent wages: “Our plan is to stimulate entrepreneurship, because it can reduce unemployment, lead to growth production, increase in revenues to the budget “.

“Positive changes in the economy are impossible without the restoration and further development of industrial potential. The authorities should first of all think about the favorable microclimate for investment, the security and competitiveness of domestic producers. Our team is able to help domestic producers. They will produce goods of a full cycle of production with high added value “, – concluded Yuri Miroshnichenko.