Freedom of speech and information is a guarantee of a democratic country!

This is how the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnychenko commented on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” live broadcast on the situation with the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada to the National Security Council on the possibility of imposing sanctions on the “112 Ukraine” and “NewsOne” channels.

Let’s remind that on October 4, of this year at a session of the Parliament 229 people’s deputies voted for the decision according to which the licenses and other permissions necessary for their activities of LLC should be canceled, a ban on the use of the above-mentioned television channels of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine was imposed.

Closure of 112 and NewsOne channels compromise the activities of not only the parliament, but also the reputation of the whole country. Parliament, according to the law, is the pillar of democracy in the country, its guarantor. The body that must protect the freedom of political competition, freedom of opinion and freedom of speech. I do not understand how it is possible to decide on the closure of two of the most rated channels in the country, which give a word to different politicians with different political views, “the parlamentarian said.

Yuri Miroshnichenko as a lawyer, Doctor of Law in the specialty “Constitutional Law” noted that the closure of these channels is inadmissible in a democratic country: “All international experts share the same opinion. The result of such decisions is that Ukraine falls in the ratings of democratic states through the abandonment. I am especially offended that the Verkhovna Rada is involved in this. ”

“I believe in Ukraine. No matter how hard it is, no matter how emotional it is, let’s state objectively: political competition exists in Ukraine. Perhaps it is not perfect, political culture is not the highest, there is an exaggerated emotions among politicians whose solutions are impulsive and unbalanced. But this is all the difficulties on the road to democracy, and we are surely locked in this way “, – Yuri Miroshnychenko is convinced.