Improving nutrition in penitentiary institutions is another step in Ukraine to modern standards!

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko commented on the government’s decision to approve new standards of nutrition for detained persons in penitentiary institutions, detention centers and places of temporary detention.

The head of the subcommittee on the reform of the penitentiary system noted that people in penitentiary institutions have the right to conditions that will satisfy all the needs necessary for normal life: clean clothes, hygiene products, personal space and a full meal.

“According to this decree, the range of products will be diversified and the standards of food used for organizing food for convicts will be increased. This will improve the nutrition of detained people and bring the Ukrainian penitentiary system closer to modern standards “, – noted the People’s deputy.

“We must remember that improving conditions for the detention of prisoners is not only a necessary measure for the implementation of the European course of Ukraine. First and foremost, this is a reduction in the risk of returning prisoners to a criminal way of life. Aggression, as an instrument, generates violence, and clever re-education, helps them to start a new, righteous life “, – summed up Yuri Miroshnichenko.