Increasing the number of professionals in politics can settle the situation in the country!

This was emphasized by People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko in a talk show on “Priamyi” TV channel during the discussion on the issue of the choice between new faces in politics and those whose activities everyone can observe and analyze.

The politician stressed that in choosing their representatives in politics, citizens have the right to understand who they vote for, and not to buy a pig in a poke: “Let’s consider the issue on the example of today’s parliament. Two thirds of new people joined him in the VIII convocation. The idea of having new people who have never been involved in politics that have not been “stained” – did not justify itself. “

The parliamentarian emphasized that politics is the same job as any other that should be managed by professional people.”The lives of ten millions people depend on parliamentary decisions. In my, long time ago I created the party “New Generation of Ukraine”. We wanted to unite young people and create new face in politics. But experience has proved one thing – politics is a complicated activity. Therefore, now I insist that during the elections one should look at those who have done what, and not only to believe in promises and theories, “Yuri Miroshnychenko convinced.