It is necessary to solve the situation with tariffs for gas, having established competition in the market!

I’m sure MP Yuriy Miroshnichenko.

In a live broadcast of the talk show “Live” on Direct, commenting on the situation with rising gas prices, the MP said:

“On the one hand, it is necessary to secure the country from default (without it it is impossible to get money from the IMF), on the other – people refuse to pay for new tariffs. I have questions that would not have been good intentions of those who are trying to convince our government that it is necessary to raise tariffs-if we do not get at the end of the situation, when they wanted it better, I went out as usual? ”

“I am not an economist, I am a lawyer, for a comprehensive solution, I have common approaches. I think that the price really needs to be market, but the market is a competition, there are many participants who offer the consumer on a competitive basis their product, competing with each other. And only the tariff for transit, for delivery can be one, determined by the state “, – said the MP.

Yuriy Miroshnychenko stressed that the price of gas should not be determined by the government, but a competitive market, which unfortunately does not exist now:

“There can be no market prices defined by the government of Ukraine, then it is not market prices. Market – this is when there are many manufacturers of certain products, in this case – it’s gas, they compete here. If there is a need to compensate someone for the cost through subsidies, then let the state compensate for certain categories of people and give them targeted social assistance. “