Let’s not let the Ukrainians stay alone with payments for utilities with “superfluous” sums!

This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnichenko. Let’s remind that recently people’s deputies from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Yuriy Boyko, Vadim Rabinovich and Natalia Korolevskaya registered a bill # 9527 on the debt write-off for housing and communal services.

Yuriy Miroshnychenko said that this bill stipulates the debts of the population for gas, hot water, electricity and heating accumulated before January 1, 2019, and also proposes the mechanism of compensation of written off funds to the organizations that provide them.

“Over the last five years, tariffs for these services have risen significantly. For example, the price of gas has increased by more than 1000%, and wages have remained at an old level. Proceeding from this, it is logical for a significant increase in the indebtedness of the population to pay utility bills, “the parliamentarian noted.

“Adoption of this draft law will lower the level of social tension and help the most unprotected groups of the population to handle the payment of these housing and communal services”, – concluded Yuri Miroshnychenko.