May 15 – International Family Day

Every year, on May 15th, the International Family Day is celebrated, which is intended to draw our attention to the importance of the family institution in society and the state.

The value of a family in life is difficult to overestimate, since the path of man begins with it. The family has always been and remains the guardian of human values, culture and historical continuity of generations. The family is what a civilized society is built on, without which a person cannot exist.

The happy family and state union is the key to the prosperity of its citizens and the country as a whole.

I sincerely wish your families peace and harmony, good health and happy luck to all its members, well-being and God’s blessing! Find the time one by one. When you worry about calling your relatives once more, you give them happiness and confidence in what they think and let them know you love them. Such, it would seem, a little attention, is expensive at a time when we are always in a hurry.

I want your homes to always be filled with family warmth and comfort! Love and care for each other!