May 16 – National Wear Day (Vyshyvanka)

Today in Ukraine, the Day of Vyshyvanka (national wear)  is celebrated, which is a shade of every Ukrainian and a symbol of the uniqueness of our national culture. A holiday dedicated to promoting unity and revival of Ukrainian traditions.

The eye is happy when I see a lot of people in Vyshyvankas. Festive, smiling, full of love. For me, the vyshyvanka (on a towel or shirt) is a tradition. Family, whole nation, Ukraine. Everyone will find it in her, but, of course, warm and native.

And the time when a mother made the vyshyvanka with her own hands, accompanied by a prayer and met her son. And wherever you were, wherever your destiny was brought, this guard was warm and was a guide that prevented you from turning your life.

A great opportunity to meet with your family at the party table, inviting your friends ad relatives, and thank God for everything we have!

Comfort, peace and happiness in your families!