One of the main tasks of the state is to support young people and young families

The people’s deputy of Ukraine,  Yuriy Miroshnychenko commented on the situation with unemployment and migration among young people, which has become massive in recent years:

“Because of the negative dynamics of living standards and the reduction of social guarantees, a large number of young people leaves to study and work abroad. Unfortunately, we are seeing a situation in which young people can not find a job in a specialty they graduated, in Ukraine. Also, state programs of affordable housing and support of young families have not been developed at the appropriate level. “

The parliamentarian stressed the need to create conditions in which young people will not need to leave Ukraine in search of a better life: “It is necessary to give them decent work, social protection and support. Such goals are set by our team headed by Yuriy Boyko. “

Yuriy Miroshnychenko said that during the last five years, representatives of their team, and him personally, had been submitted for consideration a number of bills aimed at changing the emphasis of social and economic policy.

“The OPPOSITION PLATFORM Team – FOR LIFE will work to create the best conditions for Ukrainian youth. To ensure that young specialists stay in Ukraine and work for the benefit of their country. So they receive the opportunity to get high-quality education, to develop and realize themselves, their potential in the Motherland, “Yuri Miroshnychenko concluded.