Positive changes are possible through constructive dialogue and fruitful cooperation!

This was the main message of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko during the meeting of the National Platform “Ukraine friendly to autism”, the theme of which was “Support for the Accommodation of Children with Special Needs”, which took place on March 14 in the walls of the Parliament of Ukraine.

When discussing issues regarding the activities and responsibilities of government bodies in the context of the topic, the parliamentarian stressed that it is extremely important to try to work in partnership.

According to the politician, through cooperation much more can be achieved than through opposition: “This is very important and this is based on our platform. We do not try to oppose the public and state authorities. Our goal is to help. Actually, for that purpose, our environment was created to improve and it depends on us. After all, if there is a conflict – everyone will be defend their position and the business will not move forward. And this can not be afforded. ”

The result of each such meeting is the exchange of work, comments and suggestions that are taken into account by the relevant specialists and profile institutions: “To find ways of solving problems – is the goal of the platform” Ukraine friendly to autism “. I call on all of us to build bridges, be open to cooperation and dialogue, “Yuriy Miroshnychenko emphasized.