Adopting a new system with open lists would open the way for those who are ready to change their country without taking politics as business, so commented the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnichenko on the question of whether we will see new faces in the elections. The parliamentarian absolutely agrees with the statement that non-transparency and a large amount of funds hamper the renewal of power and this negatively affects the quality of power: “When we created the political party” The New Generation of Ukraine “, in 2002 we listed and then we all felt it. Young people, full of energy and ready to change their country, and do not perceive politics as a business – how difficult it is to break through. “

In the opinion of People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnichenko, one of the first steps that will open the way for a new people, who are ready to change their country, not perceiving politics as a business, is to adopt a new electoral system with open lists.