The restoration of spirituality and morality is key prerequisites for the development of a successful and prosperous Ukraine

On November 12, a solemn meeting was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the activities of the Public Council on cooperation with churches and religious organizations under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

As a person who, in his parliamentary work, devotes considerable attention to issues of spirituality and morality, I can not help but thank all those who have been working in this very responsible and sensitive area for many years, while the Public Council on Cooperation with Churches and Religious Organizations under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is one of the leading centers of such work in our country.

Its purpose is to create effective organizational and legal conditions for the citizens to exercise their constitutional right to participate in the management of state affairs, to ensure the openness of the activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, to take into account public opinion in the process of preparing and organizing the implementation of its decisions, and to contribute to the comprehensive safeguarding of freedom of conscience and subsequent harmonization of state-confessional relations in the field of education, maintenance of a constant dialogue with this rkvaya and religious organizations, more efficient use of their potential in the educational process.

It is gratifying to note that the work of the Public Council during all 10 years of its activities was really systemic and effective. The key merit of this is as representatives of religious associations – members of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, as well as leaders and employees of the Ministry of Education and Science and its institutions, educational institutions, social and charitable organizations working in this field.

It should be noted separately the ascetic work of the chairman of the Public Council – Marushchenko Vladimir Stanislavovich, People’s Deputy of Ukraine V-VI convocations and Deputy Chairman of the Reshetnikov Yuriy Evgenevich – Chairman of the State Committee of Ukraine for Nationalities and Religions in 2009-2010, Member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Freedom , candidate of philosophical sciences.

Among the main achievements of the Public Council during its activities, it should be noted:

assistance in approving by the Ministry of programs on the subjects of the spiritual and moral direction, as well as educational programs on the basis of Christian values ​​in preschool educational institutions;
provision of the possibility of teaching courses of spiritual and moral orientation at the expense of the invariant component hours in Typical curricula of general educational institutions of the II degree;
assistance in the legal establishment of the right of religious organizations to establish educational institutions;
assistance in consolidating in the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” the possibility of state licensing and accreditation of higher educational institutions, while retaining their special features;
Separately, one should dwell on the cooperation of the Public Council on the interfractional deputy association “For spirituality, morality and health of Ukraine”, of which I am also a member.

The indicated interfractional association is headed by people’s deputy Unguryan Pavel Akimovich, who is already the third convocation of the Ukrainian parliament as its guide.

The inter-factional association aims to unite people’s deputies around the formation of spiritual values ​​in Ukrainian society. In addition, our task is to enact laws that will contribute to strengthening the morals, spiritual and physical health of the nation, and obstacles to the negative phenomena that take place in Ukraine.

In my opinion, the spiritual revival of Ukrainian society will be able to become the main driving force for socio-political, socio-economic and other transformations in Ukraine.

Our interfractional association is a platform that facilitates the consideration and promotion of legislative initiatives on spirituality and morals in the Ukrainian parliament and is always ready to work with the proposals of your Public Council.

I am convinced that the crisis of spirituality and morality in our country will be overcome by the joint efforts of such organizations as the Public Council on Cooperation with Churches and Religious Organizations under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Interfractional Deputy Association “For Spirituality, Moral and Health of Ukraine”, which will become a key a prerequisite for the development of a successful and prosperous Ukrainian state.