The space industry in Ukraine needs effective state support!

This is how the people’s deputy of Ukraine Yury Miroshnychenko commented on the state of the space industry in Ukraine today.

The parliamentarian drew attention to the fact that state financing of space industry remains low and in the current situation does not allow to speak about strengthening of Ukraine’s position in this market, or at least on preservation of the former state.

The politician said that despite the growth of prices, the industry’s funding through the State Space Agency of Ukraine is shrinking, which is particularly noticeable in the budget of 2019, which, compared with last year, the amount of funding decreased by a quarter billion UAH or more than 10%:

“It would have been nice if the enterprises of the space industry had the funds received for their main activities, but they, in order to maintain their work, set up trolley buses, trams, buses, tractors. I would really like the government to pay attention to it and support our manufacturer. “

“Our team of OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, headed by Yuriy Boyko, is ready to work on creating a special mode of economic activity for the rocket and space industry and improving the financing of this sector. And also, we will maximally stimulate the expansion of procurement of state and municipal means of related products of space-building enterprises “, – summed up Yuri Miroshnychenko.