Dear graduates of the Institute of Penitentiary Service, I sincerely congratulate you on completing your studies. And I’m sure that you will not stop at this. After all, while a person lives, before that, she learns. Each work is complicated and responsible. And on your shoulders will not fall any responsibility. You are the ones who should become guides and light for those who have fallen from the right path and made a mistake.

Last trip with a working visit to the Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, I asked the cadets: “What does the penitentiary system mean?” And immediately received the answer – a system of remorse. In this phrase there is a sense of reform that we are now doing. in order to be modern and European.Content changes. Law is justice. Because it fixes social norms. Killed a man – must be punished. Another 20 years ago, the death sentence was the death penalty. The representation changes. And our approach of justice is that if a person has inflicted suffering on another person, it also suffers as the one to whom suffering is inflicted. For the crime committed – you bear punishment. We want revenge, seeing in it justice. And what reform? Why the penitentiary system?

The main principle of the penitentiary system is changing. You go where the person who committed the terrible crime came. The reform consists in the fact that society sees in the convicted person whom he wants to return. And you are doctors who will help to recover and return to society for society. Therefore, I sincerely wish you a clear awareness of your responsibility, strength and inspiration for this noble cause! Good luck!