We need to focus on ways to overcome corruption, not to justify it!

So, on November 19, in the live broadcast of the “Vox Populi” channel “Zik”, People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnychenko wrote a blog post to Facebook blogger Karl Volokh on the corruption component of today’s government, which made a resonance in society.

Yuri Miroshnychenko did not agree with Mr. Volokh’s point of view and stressed the need to find ways to overcome corruption for the future of our state: “Corruption is rust, it corrodes the state. And if noble goals are realized by such very questionable means, then we will not build democracy and deprive the future of our children. In this case, no doubt, the goal does not justify the means. I am absolutely convinced that we must focus not on the means of justifying corruption, but, nevertheless, on ways to overcome it. ”

The parliamentarian stressed that the problem of corruption in Ukraine concerns everyone, regardless of his political orientation and attitudes:

“In this issue, we must not divide into current power or opposition, politicians or the public, pro-Western or radical nationalists. This is our country – common to all. Any attempt to justify corrupt officials and shift responsibility to someone else is wrong. Politicians should look very closely at such statements, spread the idea that this is not permissible in a country that adheres to European values. After all the victims of Ukraine in the recent years, questioning the need to overcome corruption is simply wrong, “Yuri Miroshnychenko concluded.