We need to resolve the situation with gas tariffs by establishing competition in the market!

In the evening live talk show “Live” on the Live television channel, commenting on the situation of rising gas prices, the parliamentarian Yurii Miroshnychenko said:

“On the one hand, it is necessary to protect the country from default (without this, it is impossible to receive funds from the IMF); on the other hand, people don’t want to pay new rates. I have a question, it doesn’t matter how good are the intentions of those who try to convince our government that we need to raise tariffs, what situation we will have in the end? “

“I am not an economist, I am a lawyer, for a comprehensive solution, I have common approaches. I believe that that we should establish market value, but the market is a competition – many participants who offer their goods to the consumer on a competitive basis. And only the cost of transit, for supplies can be the one defined by the state,” the parliamentarian said.

Yuri Miroshnychenko noted that the price of gas should be determined not by the government, but by a competitive market, which now, unfortunately, does not exist:

“There can’t be market prices determined by the Ukrainian government, because it’s cheating. Market prices can exist when we have many producers of certain products, in this case of gas. If there is a need to pay someone through subsides, let the government pay the people in need, and give them the social assistance.

 The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnychenko.