Yurii Boyko is able to solve the problem of military confrontation, establish peace and settle the economy in Ukraine!

This was emphasized by the parliamentarian Yuriy Miroshnychenko in a live broadcast of the TV channel “NewsOne”. The parliamentarian noted that the active phase of the presidential election campaign has not yet begun, but many of the people’s deputies have already begun actively campaigning for their candidate.

And to talk about the advantages of a leader who has something to offer citizens is a necessity:”Wide detection of attachment is absolutely normal. In this way, we give our citizens the choice to choose the candidate that is most important to them. A deputy can openly show his commitment, whether to do it informally. I am a member of the “OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE” team and I support our candidate YURII BOYKO.

“The parliamentarian emphasized that the main task of every Ukrainian politician who actively supports the presidential candidate is to introduce citizens to the candidate’s program, his team and changes in the country awaiting election:”I would like politicians not to throw dirt on their competitors, but to highlight the benefits. Our task now is to give citizens the opportunity to choose among worthy ones, and not to prove that there is no one to choose from.

“Yuriy Miroshnychenko stressed that besides other advantages, the experience of Yuriy Boyko in politics, will help stop the war, which has already tired everyone: “He is the only one who wants to start a peaceful negotiation process and offers a clear understanding of every Ukrainian steps to improve the life of the country and adjusting the economic situation. “

An experienced politician has repeatedly emphasized that it is the experience, authority, vision of the future for Ukraine and a strong team of professionals who can make this happen in life, and is crucial for the candidate’s choice: “I hope these presidential elections will be held under the slogan of fair competition and reasonable choice “, – concluded Yurii Miroshnychenko.