Yuriy Boyko’s election program has united real leaders and professionals in his team and more and more people are joining us!

Yuri Miroshnichenko, as a Doctor of Science in Constitutional Law, analyzes election programs for presidential candidates: “In the current presidential election, candidates’ election programs often coincide. Many candidates are in favor of everything good and against everything bad, for European integration, for joining NATO, and so on. Most of these programs are frankly populist – how can a voter orient in this “flow of consciousness”? In fact, meaningful, systematic and realistic election programs of candidates are immediately visible and voters should pay attention to them. “

The parliamentarian also convinced that the managerial and political experience of the candidate is equally important: “We all understand that in the post of President, a person must be an extraordinary top manager, but this is not enough. The head of state should be a successful politician, both for ensuring the social-political balance in the middle of the country, and for defending Ukraine’s positions on the international scene. “

Yuriy Miroshnychenko considers an example of such a balanced, balanced and realistic program of the presidential candidate’s candidacy for Yuriy Boyko, and also notes that his candidacy corresponds to all the high criteria: “Yuriy Boyko also has extensive experience in strategic enterprise management, including in crisis periods. In addition, Yuriy Boyko has a successful experience of working as a member of the Government on the posts of Minister and Vice Prime Minister. For many years, he headed one of the largest parliamentary factions. “

The politician emphasizes that Yuriy Boyko’s program is a top priority, through which the prism of all his political activities – the achievement of peace in Ukraine: “Today, the issue of establishing peace is a key issue for our country. Are there many people in Ukraine who do not share this priority? From the program of our candidate it is clear that he has a Plan of peaceful development for Ukraine. But sustainable peace in Ukraine is not the ultimate goal, it is only the beginning for further development. Yuriy Boyko has a program of actions for transforming Ukraine into a prosperous and successful country, a country for all Ukrainian citizens, no matter where they live and what are their particularities. “

Yuriy Miroshnichenko emphasizes the key priorities of Yuriy Boyko’s election program: “Only Independence can provide Ukraine with a strong, modern economy, which will provide jobs, decent wages and a decent standard of living for everyone. The state has to serve people, every person in Ukraine will live dignity, feel care and protection. These are the priorities of our political leader Yuri Boiko. It is precisely around him and his personality as a strong, successful and experienced leader that we are united and we are joined by more and more people! “