Final conclusions on how to comply with honest election standards can be made at the end of the second round.

This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Yuri Miroshnychenko on April 5 during a meeting with representatives of the team of the European network of organizations for the observation of the elections ENEMO.

The parliamentarian noted that it is too early to draw definitive conclusions. Most of the violations recorded by Yuriy Boyko’s team were filed with law enforcement agencies in the form of statements, claims were filed in the courts, but it is clear that the response is not for all such appeals: “Some cases have not been recorded, because people simply were afraid of persecution. And you can talk about the miscalculation of votes. Yes, of course, the final conclusions can be made after the completion of the second round. We will necessarily make a complete report for international observers, because the team of Yuri Boiko is interested in an honest result, where voters have a decisive word. “

Within the framework of the meeting, Yuri Miroshnychenko was presented systematic violations during the first round of the 2019 presidential elections, set by Yuriy Boyko as part of the Yuriy Boyko project – for fair elections!

For example, at polling stations # 140154 and # 140432 in the territorial election district # 60 (Donetsk region.) According to the data published on the website of the Central Election Commission, the number of votes cast for Yuri Boyko was many times smaller than according to the protocols with the “wet seals “issued to members of these polling station election commissions.

At separate polling stations, two ballots were issued to one voter, in particular, at the polling station number 140628 (Bakhmut, Donetsk region). Official observers from Yuriy Boyko warned this violation.

From the polling stations in Kyiv, there were reports that workers handed to the voters with disappearing ink at some polling stations, and from the Ternopil region reported the risk of using pins with built-in inks to spoil the ballots and invalidate them.

“We are interested in cooperation with international observers, Yuriy Boyko’s team with the project” Yuriy Boyko – for honest elections! “Will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the right of the citizen to free expression and protection of each voice”, – summed up Yuri Miroshnychenko.