The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has established
a number of violations during the electoral process

 Informed by the people’s deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko and emphasized: “The leader of our political team, presidential candidate Yuriy Boyko, at the beginning of the election campaign of the next Presidential election of Ukraine on March 31, 2019, clearly stated that he was in favor of fair elections:” For us, the state. We must understand responsibility for our country. Therefore, elections must be held honestly. “

The parliamentarian said that in the matter of ensuring an honest election campaign, the role of civil society institutions is key, in particular one of the most authoritative organizations in this work is the Committee of Voters of Ukraine ( CVU), which on February 6 at a press conference presented a report on the results of long-term monitoring of preparation for the regular elections of the President of Ukraine (December 2018 – January 2019).

Yuri Miroshnychenko presented the results of the analysis of this report:

“Analysis of the above-mentioned CVU report reveals violations that should be noted:

According to the CVU, traditionally the percentage of shadow spending in elections in Ukraine is high, but the detection of financial violations is a rarity and does not have a significant effect.
CVU calls on the Parliament of Ukraine to adopt legislative changes aimed at solving the problem of voter bribery. This is about draft law No. 8270, which provides for increased responsisbility for the bribing of voters, as well as provides law enforcers with additional tools for violating criminal cases.
One of the problems of the election process, CVU considers the informal start of the election campaign, which took place in May-June 2018, and not in January 2019, as stipulated by law. According to the CVU, 17 political parties and potential presidential candidates conducted massive advertising campaigns that had signs of election campaigning. According to CVU, such actions of politicians violated one of the basic principles of the election, namely the principle of equality.
According to the CVU, the most widespread violation during January was the placement of illegal campaigning. In particular, the placement of campaign materials without initial data (information about the institution that carried out the printing, circulation, information about the persons responsible for the issue, customers of the relevant materials). Illegal campaigning took place in most regions of Ukraine and in Kyiv.
CVU indicates that some of the presidential candidates did not open election funds, but campaigned, which is a violation of the law “.
Yuri Miroshnychenko summed up: “Of course, one can only thank the CVU for the work done, and wish that this and other organizations during the further monitoring of the electoral process maintained objectivity and impartiality in their activities.

For its part, the presidential candidate Yuriy Boiko’s team and our candidate personally advocate for transparent, competitive, honest and democratic elections, because only adherence to high standards of the electoral process can give legitimacy to the newly elected head of state in the eyes of Ukrainian voters and among the international community ” .