We need to make every effort to ensure that the values of the family and the need to preserve it become a state policy!

This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnychenko, in his speech at the All-Ukrainian Forum on March 1, 2019.

The parliamentarian said that he recently paid special attention to the issues of social protection of families with children, especially those who bring up two, three or more children: “I respect people who have decided to create a large family. Today, the information and promotion of family values ​​in society is incredibly important, as the traditional family institution, where mother and dad educate at least two children, are now in a state of crisis. ”

Yuriy Miroshnychenko noted that, unfortunately, for many families, the availability of only one child becomes the norm, with the fact that even for a simple reproduction of the population in the family must be at least two children.

The politician also said that he had prepared and submitted to the Parliament of Ukraine a number of legislative initiatives concerning the resumption of child benefit payments in the amount of multiple 30, 60 and 120 subsistence minimum pay until June 2014 and on age-related pensions for women who give birth and raised two or more children.

The main message of the people’s deputy of Ukraine, Yuri Miroshnychenko, was an appeal to everyone: “In order to preserve the institution of the family, we should become missionaries. It is extremely important that everyone promotes family values, spirituality and morals. ”

Summing up, the People’s deputy also separately emphasized the importance of unifying factors of society, which are significant for the preservation of the family institution.